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Saturday 5:30 pm

10:00 am
  6:00 pm (Extraordinary Form)

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A warm welcome awaits you

Our Lady of the Assumption, Swynnerton, is a Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

I have attempted to list some of the restrictions and rules that apply to the resumption of public Masses from this coming weekend. You may find some of them irksome,
but please try not to give way to frustration or annoyance. This helps no one. Better to say a Hail Mary instead.
Please note: The 6pm Mass on a Sunday (in Latin) will resume on Sunday 12th July.

1. The obligation to attend Mass on a Sunday remains suspended. If you find it easier to come on a weekday, please do so.
2. Following Government regulations, the Diocese has adopted the “1metre/3 feet, plus” rule. This means more people can be accommodated in church,
but everyone must wear a face covering/mask.You will not be admitted without one. These can be home-made.
3. A steward will be on duty and will indicate where you can sit. This will depend on whether you are a family group (more than two people), a couple or an individual.
Our capacity is 34, but this can be exceeded where members of the same household or social distancing bubble are able to sit closer than 1 metre together.
The steward will also indicate when you can leave the church at the end of Mass.
4. Mass sheets will be available. These must be taken away with you after Mass.
5. You are welcome to bring your own missals, but the usual Mass booklets will not be available.
6. Unfortunately, congregational singing is not permitted in order to reduce the risk of the virus being spread through exhalation.
We will use the playing machine to provide some motets and organ music.
7. The Bidding Prayers will be omitted. (Because of this, I will now put the names of the week's anniversaries on the newsletter).
8. For the Collection, a plate will be placed at the back of church where you must place your offering, whether an envelope or cash.
9. There will not be an Offertory Procession.
10. There will not be a Sign of Peace.
11. Arrangements for Holy Communion are different. After the Priest has said “Behold the Lamb of God...” and you have responded “Lord, I am not worthy....”,
the Priest will hold up the Sacred Host and say “The Body of Christ”, to which all respond “Amen”. He will then hold up the Chalice and say “The Blood of Christ”
and all again respond “Amen”. Having himself received Communion, the Priest (or a Minister) gives Communion to the congregation by simply
holding up the Host and placing it on the outstretched hand of the Communicant, saying nothing.
The steward will indicate when you are to approach for Communion, so that social distancing can be maintained.
12. At the end of Mass, the Priest returns immediately to the Sacristy to remove his vestments. If you need to speak to him,
he will come and stand outside the church afterwards. That said, you are not encouraged to linger!
13. The Holy Water stoups remain empty and Votive Candles are not in use at the moment.
14. The Sacristy is closed to the congregation, as is the toilet facility.
15. For the time being there will not be a public Mass on Monday and Thursday. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Mass will be at 9.30am. We need stewards for these Masses.
16. Please consider volunteering to help with cleaning – this has to be done after each Mass. The regulations concerning age have been mitigated,
so that if you are over 70 but not otherwise impeded by health issues, you can help out. I am very grateful to those who have already volunteered
but we will need even more volunteers to help keep the church open once public Mass resumes.

Image of the Church Exterior
The exterior of the Church, showing the village war memorial
Image of the Altar Gradine
The Altar and Gradine

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